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      RV Battery Pricing (Lithium vs. Lead-Acid)

      Patriot Power Source Batteries

      Your RV’s batteries are an essential component that allows you to run all your appliances, lights, and other household features. The price of these batteries can vary significantly based on the brand, type, and size.

      Lead-acid batteries are the most common type of battery for RVs. However, lithium batteries are becoming more popular with boondockers and those who prefer to live off the grid. Lithium batteries do cost more upfront, but they have many advantages over lead-acid batteries.

      Whether you’re just doing some research or have decided to make the switch to lithium, you may be wondering what the difference in cost is between the two types. Let’s take a look.

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      Tips for Storing Your Lithium Batteries in the Winter

      Patriot Power Source Batteries

      If you’ve recently made the switch to lithium batteries for your golf cart, boat, or RV, you may be wondering how to store them in the winter during the off-season. While cold weather can negatively affect your batteries, lithium batteries handle it better than the alternative lead-acid batteries.

      Lithium battery technology has advanced to the point that storage is much safer and the batteries can handle harsh conditions. However, proper winter storage is still important to keep your batteries in the best condition possible. Before we take a look at how you should be storing these batteries, let’s quickly go over how the cold affects lithium batteries.

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      What is the Difference Between a Deep Cycle Battery and a Lithium Battery?

      Patriot Power Source batteries

      If you’ve been investigating batteries for your golf cart, marine vessel, or RV, you’ve probably run across the term “deep cycle” batteries. This term was traditionally used to designate the difference between a starter battery and a lead-acid battery.

      But what is a deep cycle battery, and how is it different from the more advanced lithium batteries that have quickly become all the rage for these types of vehicles? Let’s take a look.

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      5 Most Common Questions About Lithium Boat Batteries

      Patriot Power Source Batteries

      Does it seem like more and more of your boating friends are making the switch to lithium batteries? If so, you may be curious about the advantages if you converted your own boat.

      No matter what kind of boat you have, the benefits of lithium batteries are universal. However, you still may be on the fence about them. Here at Patriot Power Source, we’ve noticed that boat owners need the answers to these common questions before they feel comfortable making the switch, so we’re providing you with those answers.

      Let’s dive in!

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      Why Should I Choose Patriot Power Source for Marine Lithium Batteries Over Any Other Company?

      Two Patriot Power Source Batteries

      If you’ve been shopping around and trying to find the best lithium batteries for your boat, you’ve probably been overwhelmed by all your options. These batteries have gained popularity in the marine world, and new companies are popping up all over the place trying to get in on the market. Finding the best company is important, but how do you make that decision?

      Patriot Power Source originally got into the lithium battery market because of frustration with golf cart batteries. Over the last several years, we’ve become the go-to lithium batteries brand for golf cart owners and have started to focus on lithium batteries for marine use.

      We strive to provide boat owners with the best lithium battery technology available for marine use. We also offer these batteries at an affordable price, so you can get back on the water doing what you love.

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      5 Most Common Questions about Lithium RV Batteries

      Stack of Patriot Power Source batteries on a table infront of an RV

      Lithium RV batteries are gaining traction with boondockers and others trying to live off the grid due to the many advantages over lead-acid batteries. If you’re considering making the switch, you can read about all the pros and cons of these RV batteries on our blog.

      Whether you’re convinced or not by the benefits lithium batteries offer, you may have a few questions about them. Here at Patriot Power Source, we get asked the same questions repeatedly, so we’ve decided to answer the top five most common questions asked about converting to lithium batteries for their RV.

      Let’s get started!

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