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      Our 12v 100ah LiFePO4 batteries can support almost any type of recreational equipment including  boat and RV!  This bundle includes everything needed for a 36V setup.

      8 YEAR WARRANTY - Our LiFePO4 batteries are battle tested built to last.  Patriot Power Lithium Batteries provide up to 7500 charging cycles (compared to 700 of traditional batteries) guaranteeing you MAXIMUM efficiency and battery life.  This gives you 10x the lifespan and keeps you running for longer, no matter the use.  One set of our batteries could replace 7-10 sets of traditional batteries for the most cost effective setup on the market.

      LITHIUM IRON (LiFePO4) TECHNOLOGY - LiFePO4 is the latest and most technologically advanced battery type on the market.  Using maximum quality LiFePO4 cells our batteries are engineered to provide exceptional performance in both power and stamina.  In addition, LiFePO4 batteries are substantially safer and better for the environment than traditional batteries.

      MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY - Unlike traditional batteries, Patriot Power LiFePO4 batteries hold a flat discharge curve for the entire charge.  What this means is that you will not experience any change in performance throughout the entire cycle of the battery which is quite different from traditional setups. Traditional lead acid batteries begin to slow down and weaken at 50% charge.  With our batteries your equipment will perform at its peak for the entire charging cycle.

      BUILT IN BMS - Our advanced LiFePO4 batteries contain an onboard intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) to ensure your investment is always protected.  Our BMS Monitors:

        • overcharge detection
        • over discharge detection
        • over current detection
        • short detection
        • temperature monitoring
        • battery balancing

      MAINTENANCE FREE - Unlike traditional Lead Acid batteries, Patriot Power LiFePO4 batteries are completely maintenance free.  Our LiFePO4 batteries require no servicing or water and can sit up to a year between charges losing on 3% of charge per month.

      WIDE VARIETY OF USES - Patriot Power LiFePO4 batteries can be used in a WIDE variety of areas and can be wired in series or parallel setups up to 4 batteries, or 48V.  Our batteries are most commonly used for golf carts, marine/boat trolling motors, and RV but can be used in virtually any setup that requires a 12v battery, or multiple 12V batteries  wired in series or parallel for 12v, 24V, 36V, and 48V connections.

      MANUERVERABILITY - Our LiFePO4 batteries weigh 70% less than traditional lead acid batteries providing you easy transport and maneuverability.  Our batteries also come equipped with a built in handle to ensure any install is a breeze.



      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      Jarrett Watkins
      Another great experience!!!

      I’ve purchased from Patriot Power a few times now for various projects and it’s always been a great experience. The products are top notch & the customer service is amazing. Thanks again and I highly recommend to anyone looking into conversions or any lithium battery needs.

      Chris Gerritsen
      Patriot installed on 2008 Club Car Precedent

      This is for a review for my purchase about a year ago.

      I purchased a package to fit our 2008 Club Car Precedent. The package was 4 - 12volt 100 amp batteries with the regular charger and was delivered within 5 days of placing the order. I installed the batteries myself and the whole processs was very clearly explained in the instructions and went smoothly and took less that 1.5 hours to complete. We have had this battery system in for over a year and have never had an issue whatsoever. 400 amp/hr capacity is way more that adequate and do not regret spending a bit more. Our cart sits in a hot garage over the summer in Arizona which wreaks havoc on the old lead acid batteries but not these Patriot Batteries. There were no modifications for the charger and it can stay plugged in all the time topping up as needed. I felt that a review after a year is a fair and accurate time to give an honest opinions on this set up, I would recommend this system without any reservation. Troy was excellent in answering all questions, promptly returned any emails that I had sent.
      Certainly the best thing we did to this cart and never looked back.
      Chris Gerritsen

      Ken Wagner
      patriot 24volt battery bundle kit

      I received the batteries in 3 days and they were very easy to install. So far, they far exceed my expectations but don.t know about longevity for a few years. Very happy with purchase so far!!

      Jack Healan
      trolling motor

      working good 4 times the trolling time

      Ken Wagner

      I received the battery but have not installed it yet