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      Our 12v 100ah LiFePO4 batteries can support almost any type of recreational equipment including  boat and RV!  This bundle includes everything needed for a 36V setup.

      8 YEAR WARRANTY - Our LiFePO4 batteries are battle tested built to last.  Patriot Power Lithium Batteries provide up to 7500 charging cycles (compared to 700 of traditional batteries) guaranteeing you MAXIMUM efficiency and battery life.  This gives you 10x the lifespan and keeps you running for longer, no matter the use.  One set of our batteries could replace 7-10 sets of traditional batteries for the most cost effective setup on the market.

      LITHIUM IRON (LiFePO4) TECHNOLOGY - LiFePO4 is the latest and most technologically advanced battery type on the market.  Using maximum quality LiFePO4 cells our batteries are engineered to provide exceptional performance in both power and stamina.  In addition, LiFePO4 batteries are substantially safer and better for the environment than traditional batteries.

      MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY - Unlike traditional batteries, Patriot Power LiFePO4 batteries hold a flat discharge curve for the entire charge.  What this means is that you will not experience any change in performance throughout the entire cycle of the battery which is quite different from traditional setups. Traditional lead acid batteries begin to slow down and weaken at 50% charge.  With our batteries your equipment will perform at its peak for the entire charging cycle.

      BUILT IN BMS - Our advanced LiFePO4 batteries contain an onboard intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) to ensure your investment is always protected.  Our BMS Monitors:

        • overcharge detection
        • over discharge detection
        • over current detection
        • short detection
        • temperature monitoring
        • battery balancing

      MAINTENANCE FREE - Unlike traditional Lead Acid batteries, Patriot Power LiFePO4 batteries are completely maintenance free.  Our LiFePO4 batteries require no servicing or water and can sit up to a year between charges losing on 3% of charge per month.

      WIDE VARIETY OF USES - Patriot Power LiFePO4 batteries can be used in a WIDE variety of areas and can be wired in series or parallel setups up to 4 batteries, or 48V.  Our batteries are most commonly used for golf carts, marine/boat trolling motors, and RV but can be used in virtually any setup that requires a 12v battery, or multiple 12V batteries  wired in series or parallel for 12v, 24V, 36V, and 48V connections.

      MANUERVERABILITY - Our LiFePO4 batteries weigh 70% less than traditional lead acid batteries providing you easy transport and maneuverability.  Our batteries also come equipped with a built in handle to ensure any install is a breeze.



      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Dan Gerrard


      Lonnie Hamil
      Great Customer Service!

      As soon as I requested to be contacted I received a text. Over a couple of weeks I had numerous questions and concerns. Trey was very patient with me and answered all my inquiries. When I decided to place the order, I did so online. Trey reached out to me to let me know it was going to be a couple of weeks before they could ship and asked if that would work for me. No problem! I also texted with him about the 4 bank charger I was looking to buy. He helped once again. I received notification that my batteries were shipping and received them packed very professionally. I have yet to put them in my boat but am pretty sure the product will be just like the service - Outstanding!
      If you are looking for lithium batteries, look no farther! Thank you, Patriot Power Source for a great experience!

      Jarrett Carter
      Great product! Awesome customer service!

      Replaced two lead batteries in my boat for the trolling motor with two of the Patriot Lithium batteries and the difference is very noticeable! These batteries are allowing me more time on the water fishing in strong currents and still having some charge left at the end of the day. There is also a huge weight reduction with these batteries which is a big plus for any boat setup. The customer service was excellent, I had several questions before purchasing and was able to call and talk directly with the owner who was very helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend Patriot Lithium batteries to anyone who is looking to purchase lithium batteries.

      Scott Lindstam Jr.
      Top Notch!

      I did my research and talked to them before purchasing. They’re customer service, knowledge of product is off the charts. And to top it all off their price points are better than most the popular brands that you can’t even get a response from when trying to do research. Absolutely one of the best choices I made this year! I now go days without having to charge my batteries and not stressing if I have enough power

      Eric Lubeshkoff
      300ah Battery Bank For RV!! We LOVE IT!

      First off, this company is INCREDIBLE.  My wife and I live full time in an RV and with most rvs, they are built standard with Lead acid 12v batteries, which are terrible for this lifestyle. When living full time out on the road the most important item to have available to you is power, and our rig uses plenty of it! We originally had four 100ah lead acid batteries affectively providing 400 total aH but 200 usable ah(due to being unable to depleat lead acid under 50%). Total usage time would last us about 8-12 hours of battery time, if we were lucky. We purchased three 100 ah Lithium batteries from Patriot, and LOVE them. We now have 300 usable aH worth of power which will end up lasting close to 48 hours before they need to recharge.
      Working with this company has been a testament to customer service and professionalism. They were able to ship these batteries to a campground in less than 5 days during a time that most of their competitors batteries are backlogged and out of stock. 
      We are SO glad we went with Patriot batteries and this company. I will never go with anyone else when choosing batteries in the future.
      Shout out to Trey for all his hard work in getting things set up for our trailer.

      Thanks for the review Eric! Now you guys can truly stay off the grid!