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      Tired of spending your spring prepping your golf cart for the summer by pouring distilled water into dirty, corroded, 90 pound batteries.....only to ride your cart 3 miles before it starts slowing down?  Better get home and put it on charge!  Not to mention replacing batteries every few years just to ensure your cart's in decent working order!  We've all had that feeling while dealing with the old technology of SLA golf cart batteries.  If you're on this page, you've made the right decision.  LOOK NO FURTHER than Patriot Power Source's advanced LiFePO4 Lithium technology to completely change your golf cart forever.

      SAVE $$$ - While LiFePO4 Lithium batteries cost more than traditional SLA batteries, Patriot Power Source offers you the absolute MOST affordable conversion kit on the market today without sacrificing an ounce of performance.  In addition, considering LiFePO4 batteries last up to 10X longer than regular golf cart batteries, this kit should last you just as long as 3-5 sets of old batteries!

      FREEDOM TO GO FURTHER - NEVER worry about running out of charge again after converting your cart to run a Patriot Power LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Set.  Using our vigorously tested batteries and setup, charging your golf cart after every ride will become a thing of the past.  Unlike traditional SLA batteries, which require charging when they reach 50%, our advanced LiFePO4 Lithium batteries give you full performance down to the very last drop, from 100% to 0%

      SMART CART - Our advanced LiFePO4 batteries contain an onboard intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) to ensure your investment is always protected.  BMS monitors:

      • overcharge detection
      • over discharge detection
      • over current detection
      • short detection
      • temperature monitoring
      • battery balancing

      WIRED FOR SUCCESS - Unlike most competitors, our batteries are specifically engineered to run a series wiring setup, just like a standard cart, to maximize distance.  

      UNLOCK PATRIOT POWER - Our batteries weigh 70% less than a traditional SLA battery removing 300 or more pounds off of your cart.  See your speed, acceleration, and torque all increase by 25% when you convert.

      EASY DIY INSTALL - If you can turn a wrench a few times, you can install your new batteries and convert your cart to a LiFePO4 Lithium super cart.  Seriously, drop in 4 batteries, hook the wires up like they were with your old batteries and take off.  It's that simple.  We'll send you everything you need, and we're always here for ANY questions or help with installing or troubleshooting you may encounter. 


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 64 reviews
      Sam Richardson

      Good batteries

      james schwartz
      Technical Error in my Review

      Following up to correct a technical error in my review. The first positive and last negative ARE NOT what connect to the shunt. Rather it is last negative in the series to (B-). Then system charger negative and overall system negative to (P-).

      james schwartz
      Highly Satisfied

      Great upgrade, but since this is a DIY kit, here are a few suggestions based on my first and only experience.

      The new battery layout was a puzzle. Solvable, but a puzzle nonetheless. There were four simultaneous objectives. At first glance, solving one was easy, solving two a little trickier, three a challenge and all four at once was three-dimensional chess.
      The four supplied cables (three 1 length, one slightly longer) had to span the battery terminal series connections, and…
      In order to use the existing battery hold downs, the new batteries had to be oriented to fit the underside contours of the hold downs, and…
      The shunt had to be mounted in a place where both the first positive and last negative cable in the series could reach it, and…
      The shunt wire had to reach the dashboard via its routing.

      Next, my old batteries were taller than the new ones. So the threads on the hold down rods did not extend far enough down the rods to clamp down the new shorter batteries. I used some nuts of a larger diameter as spacers.

      The plates on the battery hold downs might obscure the + and - symbols at the battery terminals. So, take the adage “measure twice and cut once” and change it to “trace and confirm your connections multiple times before attaching those cables.”

      For safety, I highly recommend avoiding wrenches to make the battery series connections until the final tightening. It is very easy to turn a metal wrench far enough to accidentally touch another battery's terminal, creating a short (that would be bad). Instead, hand tighten the battery bolts, or put a socket on a screwdriver-type socket turner. Only use a wrench at the very end to tighten and even then don’t turn it more than a few degrees at a time. Be VERY CAREFUL to keep the end of the wrench away from other battery terminals.

      There were no easy locations in my Club Car Precedent to mount the shunt. All the good locations are thin plastic and screws won’t bite. I mounted it on the back of the seat rim and used #6 x 3 inch machine screws. I had to drill slightly larger holes in the shunt to fit the bolts through (although #4 machine screws would have fit, Home Depot did not have them). To attach the nuts, I took off the motor access door and reached in there. Clamping vice grips to the nuts and letting it hang there provided enough resistance to tighten the machine screws. Next time, I might try small toggle anchors. Wondering if Patriot has any better suggestions.

      If you are replacing an existing dashboard meter with the new one, then there is already a cut out in the plastic dash piece and your hole saw pilot bit has nothing to go through. I clamped the dash section to a piece of wood, drilled from the back of the dash piece to the front, and ran the drill in reverse to slowly etch a non-wandering circular groove in the dash plastic.

      All in all, my learning curve was longer than anticipated, but I thoroughly enjoyed the process, the outcome is great and so is the product. I even had one point of confusion along the way and a tech messaged me the answer immediately after I used the chat feature on the website to submit the question. That's a great benefit.

      Jeremy Strader
      Great Purchase

      Great customer service! Thank you!

      Mark M
      Excellent from start to finish

      Purchased the 36v Kit for a friends golf cart. Trey was very helpful pre-sales, answering a few questions on amp output prior to my purchase. I ordered the kit and it was on my porch 4 days later. Installation was a breeze and the golf cart is working very well. With three people on the cart it chugged very respectably up a ridiculously steep hill at our site. After 7 days of use all around the campground the cart is still at 60%. Again, the process was seamless and Trey was excellent at answering questions before and after the purchase. Easily a 5 Star Experience.
      Mark - Des Moines, Iowa